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The notion of having a job means a completely different thing for different people. Some people believe that only working 5 days a week from 9 to 5 can be considered to be a real job. Others believe that any office work is a real job, but anything that happens outside of the office is not really a serious job. Plus, when you’re talking to someone and ask where they work, the name of the company can tell you a lot about the person in front of you, including his social and financial status. Freelance work has been around for years, but it’s still largely different to office jobs for a number of reasons. Since many freelancers work with writing for money, a lot of people assume that they are employed by a famous magazine or publishing house, but that’s not always the case. Additionally, as soon as you start writing for money online, you will realize that getting paid to write online is not considered to be an actual job by a lot of people, especially from older generations – they believe it’s more of a hobby, even though it’s clear you’re making an income from writing. Nevertheless, if you feel like writing online is your true passion and calling, don’t let the opinions of other people influence your enjoyment from the work.

It’s true that people working in offices are believed to be on a higher social level than those who write for money from the comfort of their own homes. But the truth is that paid freelance writing jobs often bring workers more money than honorable titles and coveted positions at big companies. Why does that happen? Well, the main reason for it is that office workers usually get a limited salary that isn’t influenced by their performance or the amount of work they do within a month. On the other hand, freelance workers who make money writing in Pakistan know that their income directly depends on their effort and time spent on work. Every freelancer is well familiar with the fact that with online jobs you only get paid for the volume of work you complete in a given period of time, and not just the time you spend idly in an office. This is why the freelance writing market is not only fairly lucrative, but also famously competitive, since everyone wants to take advantage of the benefits freelance writers have.

The fact that freelance workers get compensated based on the amount of work they perform may see unfair to some people, but most consider it to be a great opportunity for managing your own income. As soon as you sign up for an online writing service as a new writer, you will face an important choice: is the new job going to be your full-time occupation, or are you going to combine it with your regular job? This is one of the best things about being a freelancer: when you’re the one controlling your workload and forming your schedule, you can make as much money as you want. Compare it to the office salary that stays the same from month to month, without taking your time and effort into consideration, and you’ll understand why more and more people with excellent knowledge of English and a passion for writing choose to become freelancers instead of spending their best years in an office. Of course, if you want to join a reputable writing service as a writer, you will have to undergo a series of tests, but when you take into account the benefits of becoming a freelancer, you will understand that it’s all worth it and that being a freelance writer is exactly what you need.

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